Mutual Fund Observer: Evermore Global Value (EVGBX/EVGIX)

August 2017 | Mutual Fund Observer

The Evermore Global Value Fund was recently featured in the August issue of Mutual Fund Observer.

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David Marcus on Catalyst-Driven Contrarian Investing

June 30, 2017 | Manual of Ideas

MOI Global had the distinct pleasure of sitting down for a wide-ranging conversation with David Marcus.

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Finding Value in European Conglomerates

March 18, 2017 | Barron’s

Evermore Global's David Marcus likes a forward-looking, family-run firm in the midst of change.

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Evermore Global Advisors: Alpha through Corporate Catalysts

August 23, 2016 | Advisor Perspectives

Evermore Global Advisors was established in 2009 by David Marcus and Eric LeGoff.

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Special Situation Stocks Selling For Cheap

March 2016 |

We invest in special situations.

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Running to the Mayhem: World's Problems Get A Manager Going

March 2016 | The Wall Street Journal

David Marcus likes his global markets R-rated.

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The Real Thing: David Marcus, Evermore Global and the Question of Trust

December 2015 | Mutual Fund Observer

One of the high points for me over the last month was the opportunity to attend a dinner hosted by David Marcus, of Evermore Global Value, in Boston, at the time of the Schwab Conference.

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4 Special Situation Stocks With Substantial Possible Returns

September 2014 |

At Evermore Global we take a global perspective. We can go anywhere...

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Reuters Insider

June 2014

Video Interview with David Marcus on Investment Strategies.

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Evermore Global Value (EVGBX): A Mutual Fund Observer 'Star in the Shadows' Fund

April 2014 | Mutual Fund Observer

Everyone else wants to be Warren Buffett. They’re all about buying “a wonderful company at a fair price.”

Vulturing Abroad

March 2014 | Financial Advisor

Manager David Marcus believes Europe offers some of the best stock values.