Investment Approach

The Evermore Global Value Fund seeks to achieve long-term capital appreciation by primarily investing in the equity securities of businesses undergoing some form of strategic change (“special situations”) where there are substantial disconnects between market price and business value, and, where catalysts exist that may narrow these discounts for the benefit of Fund shareholders.

Portfolio Guidelines

Investable Universe

Common and preferred stocks, warrants, rights, debt securities, convertible securities, indexed securities, and derivatives.

Market Cap Exposure

Full market cap spectrum, bias toward small and mid

Number of Positions

Typically 30-40

Position Sizing

Target positions between 2-7% of AUM

Industry Exposure

Will not exceed 25% of AUM

Other Exposures

Less liquid securities <=15% of AUM

Distressed debt securities <=15%

Merger arbitrage securities <=15%

Shorts (non-merger arbitrage) <=10%

Holding Period

Typically 3-5 years


Typically 5-15%

Cash may be increased to hedge risk or market exposure

Fund Facts

as of 3/31/2018
Investor Institutional
Ticker Symbols EVGBX EVGIX
CUSIP Numbers 300397106 300397122
Inception 01/01/2010 01/01/2010
Minimum Initial Investment $5,000
($2,000 for IRAs)
Minimum Subsequent Investment $100
($100 for IRAs)

Fund Statistics

as of 3/31/2018
Alpha 9.41
Beta 0.65
Correlation 0.63
Sharpe Ratio 1.35
Standard Deviation 15.01

Fees & Expenses

Investor Institutional
Management Fee 0.99% 0.99%
Distribution and Service (12b-1) Fee 0.25% none
Gross Expense Ratio 1.51% 1.26%

*As stated in the Fund’s audited annual report, the Ratio of Expenses to Average Net Assets before expenses absorbed or recouped, excluding interest and dividend expense, was 1.49% for the investor class and 1.24% for the institutional class. Gross expense ratio was applicable to investors.

It is not possible to invest directly in an index.